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2020 Annual Report

In 2020,

Swallow Hill Music reached more than

190,000 People

through in-person and virtual community outreach programs, concerts and music classes.

Board Chair/CEO Letter

Putting 2020 in the Rearview Mirror

We kicked off 2020 filled with hopes and dreams – coming off 2019, our most successful year ever by nearly every measure – we were poised for even more success in all of our program areas. Instead, the world turned upside down and we were presented with both challenges and opportunities. 

Shortly after our closure in mid-March, we made heartbreaking decisions to ensure Swallow Hill’s existence that included laying off a third of our administrative team and all of our teachers. The staff that remained poured their hearts and souls back into Swallow Hill as we emerged from the fog and re-focused our energy, re-imagined our future, and re-tooled our work.

We found the silver linings and at the heart of Swallow Hill is an amazing community that came out (or online as the case may be) in droves supporting our work that put teachers together with students and performing artists together with audiences. It was through this music community that we spent an incredibly difficult year celebrating our own humanity. 

Our silver linings included the creation of our online music school – what started in the summer with a dedicated crew of teachers took flight hosting more than 600 students from 20 states and Canada to boot (I think it’s fair to say we’re now an international music school!). By the end of the year we had nearly 40 teachers back in our virtual classrooms.

Our concert team produced more than 180 live stream concerts through Swallow Hill Live – We presented artists from 29 states and as far away as New Brunswick, Australia, Ireland, and British Columbia. Our shows inspired more than 200,000 Facebook views and our virtual audience members collectively contributed more than $45,000 (Proceeds that were split with these amazing artists). 

Along the way we learned a ton about what works and what doesn’t work in our virtual world and one thing we know is that our virtual programming – online classes and live streaming concerts out of our own theaters – will continue to be a part of Swallow Hill’s offerings as far into the future as our eyes can see.

We are now ready to put this year in our rearview mirror – a year filled with newly minted and overused words and phrases – Zoom, pivot, Covid, pods, restrictions, hunkering down, masks vs non-mask wearers, runs on sanitizer, toilette paper and Clorox wipes, social distancing, keeping six feet apart, dumpster fire of a year, and on and on…

But because of the amazing generosity and support of our members, donors, volunteers, and partner organizations, Swallow Hill is on solid financial ground and 2021 is poised to be a year of rebuilding and growth. 

Onwards and upwards and cheers to the year that lies ahead!

With gratitude,

Paul Lhevine

Paul Lhevine

Chief Executive Officer

Tracy Zabel

Tracy Zabel

Chair, Board of Directors

Community Outreach

1,000+ views

of Little Swallows TV

by teachers, families


young people

In the first 6 weeks
of 2020, we made


with students of all ages - at least 75% of these were with people living in under-resourced communities

Ran 1,200 programs and classes

for our community partners including Little Swallows (ECE lessons), Interactive Performances and Workshops (K-12 schools), and Music Therapy programs

Kome Muller

Staff Spotlight - Kome Muller

“Music is a powerful art that holds a special emotional power,” our Chief Financial Officer Kome Muller shares with us. “The simplest of melodies can transform your mood from sad to joyous or festive to melancholy in just a moment’s notice.”

Throughout 2020, Kome proved indispensable as Swallow Hill’s leadership team navigated unprecedented financial challenges to ensure our doors would open once more in 2021. 

“Although there was a deep sadness at the loss of live music last year, there were still so many ways to connect and be creative with your family and friends through music even when we couldn’t be together physically,” Kome says when reflecting on that time. “2020 just reconfirmed for me that music is an indispensable part of life.”

Despite 2020’s hardships, Kome acknowledges that the new skills our staff and instructors developed in the virtual realm allow us to potentially connect with more people than ever before. “Swallow Hill has always been an integral part of the community but now with the addition of virtual classes and streaming concerts, we are able to reach more people across not only the metro area but state and even international lines. Our sense of community is no longer just tied to a physical location.”

Through it all, like so many members of our community, Kome considers Swallow Hill as an extension of her family. “Not only have I become part of the Swallow Hill family but my family has become part of Swallow Hill,” she tells us. 

“Pre-pandemic my two boys loved coming to the building for classes, to go to a show or to raid the candy bowl in (COO) Jessy Clarks’s office. I have fond memories of going to my mom’s work when I was a kid and I just love that they have been able to run around 71 E. Yale making these lovely memories that they will hold dear for the rest of their lives.”

- Kome Muller, Chief Financial Officer



concerts, jams, open stages, Hoots, and in-person events prior to our physical closure on March 14


in person attendees prior to closure


Livestream concerts, jams, and special online events from April through the end of the year


virtual livestream views (free or donation)



Board Spotlight - Dave Ratner

Music has always inspired me. I love to witness how music inspires others. Swallow Hill channels the inspiration of music into all its programs and activities. 

It’s been a privilege to work with Swallow Hill for the past ten years. In 2019, I jumped at the opportunity to join the Board of Directors and increase my involvement. I am consistently impressed (and, in 2020, was amazed) by the combination of professionalism, passion, and community that the staff and Board bring to Swallow Hill. 

My career has been dedicated to helping musicians, artists, and creatives in our local community and beyond. I’ve repeatedly seen how individuals’ connection with music raises the spirits of musicians and fans alike. Supporting music and musicians contributes strength and vitality to the fabric of our community. Swallow Hill is an indispensable force for music in our community and I’m honored to be a part of it.

- Dave Ratner

David Ratner

Music School


through our Music School


(first two months we still had a lot!)


non-unique students participated in

Group Classes

(including Workshops)



Tuition Assistance



in Tuition Assistance discounts in 2020

  • $8,992 for child programming
  • $3,662 for adult


was pre-COVID


was during COVID

Community Spotlight - Mollie O’Brien

“I moved to Denver in 1980, a young singer in search of the meaning of life,” Mollie O’Brien recalls. “Like anyone else interested then in acoustic music, I gravitated to the fledgling Swallow Hill.” Before long, Mollie says, “I realized that Swallow Hill was becoming a musical home for not just me but for many, many people in Denver and across the country.”

Mollie’s name is synonymous with Swallow Hill’s in a way few others can claim. She signed on early as our bookkeeper, but we all know her best for the wonderful musical memories she’s given us over the many times she’s graced our stages.

“A Pandemic? Yes, that was brutal in how swiftly it brought everything to a standstill last year. Every student, every teacher, every band who had a show booked for 2020 thought they were out of luck.” Mollie reminds us, though, to “step back and see how, under the direction of the current CEO and a young and talented staff, Swallow Hill worked fast, thought smartly, pulled their purse strings tighter and made things work well enough that there are now 500 people taking online classes from over 40 teachers back at work.”

Mollie stayed in touch with us through “The Great Distancing,” performing streamed concerts with her husband and musical partner Rich Moore, first from their home, and then in January 2021 in a months-in-the-making livestream concert from Daniels Hall. Mollie’s was the perfect voice to proclaim the return of live music from within our building.

“I know that in the larger picture things can change over the years – sometimes for the better and sometimes not so much. But praise Elvis there are people at Swallow Hill who have the chops to keep us and our love for music intact, battle tested and ready for whatever that great unknown out there might be. All of us Pandemic survivors are counting on that not just for us but for our kids, our grandkids and everyone else who cares about making music.”

- Mollie O’Brien

Mollie O'Brien



Revenue Details

Grants & Contributions –
Membership Dues –
In-Kind Contributions –
Ticket Sales –
Music Class Tuition –
Retail –
Investment Income –
Rental Income –
Other Income –



Expenses Details

Teaching Staff –
Management/staff –
Fundraising –
Artists –
Venue Rental –
Marketing –
Contract (other) –
Other expenses –
Retail –
Depreciation –


Net Income

without Depreciation: -$159,416

Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Tracy Zabel, Chair – ThrivePass
Walt DeHaven, Vice Chair – KCNC-TV CBS 4 Denver
Kyle Harris, Treasurer – McWHINNEY
Jim Leonard, Secretary – Faegre Baker Daniels
Jennifer Nealson, Member At-Large – EMERGE Strategy Group L.L.C.
Michael Charney – Retired
Trevor Emery – BDO Wealth Advisory
Lori Fox – Taloma Partners
Grace Hanover – National Western Center
George Lyford – Bright Health
Dave Ratner – Creative Law Network
Jason Robinson – Fairfield and Woods, PC
Nina Sharma – Greater Washington Partnership


Paul Lhevine – Chief Executive Officer
Jessy Clark – Chief Operating Officer
Kome Muller – Chief Financial Officer
Tyler Breuer – School Director
Tiffany Pallotto – Director of Development and Community Outreach
Brian Hunter – Sound Engineer
Kelsy Lartius – Customer Service Manager
David McDaniel – Customer Service Associate
Jim McGowan – Facilities Manager
Michael John McKee – Outreach Program Manager
Michelle Reilly – Accounting Specialist
Barry Osborne – Associate Director of Marketing

Foundations & Public Support


Scientific & Culltural Facilities District


Vasilius Family Foundation


The Denver Foundation


Arts & Culture COVID-19 Relief Fund
Bonfils-Stanton Foundation


Denver CARES Venue Relief Fund


The Kappler Marrack Foundation
BuildStrong Education and Green Valley Ranch Foundation
Mile High United Way


Harvey Family Foundation
The Kenneth King Foundation


Ellen P Blum Charitable Fund
Pinkert Family Foundation
Riverfront Park Community Fund

$1,000 +

Considine Family Foundation
Brad Dobski Fund
Faegre Baker Daniels Foundation
Gates Industrial Corporation Foundation
Rose Community Foundation
Rudy and Alice Ramsey Foundation
Two Truths Music


Community First Foundation Incentive Fund
Trone Baird Fund
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Virginia Burns Private Charitable Foundation

Community Sponsors


105.5 The Colorado Sound/ KUNC
AEG Presents Rocky Mountain LLC
CenterTable LLC
Fairfield & Woods PC
Flywheel Capital, LLC


Howell Construction
Liberty Global
RightOn Productions


Coburn Architecture
Creative Law Network
Denver Folklore Center
Ireland Stapleton
Montgomery Little & Soran, PC
Schumacher Accounting
Taloma Partners


Bank of America
Illegal Pete’s
Middleton Ins & Financial Services Inc.
Painted Bench Catering & Private Dinner Delivery
Unity Temple of Denver
YellowDog Design, Print and Marketing

Individual Donors






Walter DeHaven and Wendy Aiello
Jan Eyer and Gregg Reese
Mike Goldscheitter
Ron and Kathy Schumacher
Anita and Kevin Smith
Bob and Deb Touslee
Marla J. Williams


Scott Bryan
Anthony Chevalier
Eliza Buyers and David Pinkert
D Manton Reiser
Esther Starrels and John Wasserman
Jane Tannenbaum
Don and Jennie Tidwell
Tracy and Adam Zabel


Janis and Gunter Angermayr
Michael Charney
Lane Chesley
Karl and Frances Dise
Trevor Emery
Bill Johnson and Cheri Ferbrache
Lori Fox and Tom Downey
Chris and Jeffra Frank
Kristi & Michael Franko
Henry and Josephine Gardiner
Kyle and Kathryn Harris
Michael D Henry
Ann Herron
Joanna & Mark Hutson
Duke and Sandy Kaminsky
Kathy & Dan Madigan
Jan Kennaugh and Chip Horne
Amy and Jim Leonard
George and Anna Lyford
Rachel Lyons
Heidi and Steven Ray MacAlpine
Dara & Barry Ollman
Eduardo R. & Anita Pajon
Sally Polk
Christy and Mike Ramee
Richard Rogers
Ellin Rosenthal and Ron Faleide
Saul and Debbie Rosenthal
Charles Samson
Doug Tashiro
Nina Sharma
Meg Steinborn & Pete Scott
Catherine and Bill Teutsch
Patricia Thompson
Vance Whitby
Charles B. White
Tom C Wilson
Gregory Young


Matt Adams
Bob and Camille Armantrout
Russell Bartt
Matthew Dalton
Christy Eisman
Christian Flanagan
Rondi Frieder
Susie and Michael Gallagher
Lyle Gallivan
Jillian Gibbs
Micah Gurard-Levin
Mary Harrel Lawrence
Henson-Huisjen Family Fund
John and Robin Hickenlooper
Catherine Laskey and Mark Ebel
Leslie Lea
Jennifer and John Nealson
Anna Perre
Andrew Petrie
Dave & Julie Ratner
Laura and Stephen Roberts
Jason Robinson
Michael Shainline
Ann and Lee Shockley
Allan Singer
Sean and Bailey Smith
Kathryn B Spuhler
Matthew Wall
Donald Weinshenker
Seth and Rivka Weisberg
Phil and Monique Yoo


Susan Bartosch
Alan Bieber
Carol Blackard
Liz and Bill Breuer
Nathan and Anna Brewer
John Calderhead & Lisa Grassfield
John Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Carpenter
Blind Lemming Chiffon
Jack Christensen
Jana Clark
Jessy Clark
Kevin Collins
Mark and Linda Colville
Douglas Dreher
Michael Dunn
Julie Dupree
Robert Emerman
Craig Essex
Susan Essex
William Feser
Amy Fitzgerald
Ann Garner
Cheri Gonzales and Ben Horne
Pamela Grange
John Greiman
James & Laura Hahn
Cap Hamilton
Kevin Higgins
Sarah Hogan
Mary Huckins
John Hughes
Michael Keating
Robert Kochevar
Louis Krupp
Margaret Lackey
Robert Larson
Paul Lhevine and Lorii Rabinowitz
Paul Marino
David Mason
Yova McCoy
Nancy McDaniel
Sean McGuire
Susan and Doug Melvin
Roger Menell
Ann Merrill
Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore
The New York Community Trust
Ronda Palsulich
Rachel Peterson
Kathryn Phillips
Allan Rhead
Paula & David Roney
Alan Rubin
Michel Schuh
Eugene Schweig
Sheiner Family
William S Sycalik
Daniel Hettleman and Ayelet Talmi
Trish Thompson
Kip Travis
Sally Tulk
Terry Tyler
Lawrence Wampler
Michael J Weaver
Jeremy Zornow


Paul Aaker
Eileen Abbott
Lisa Anderson
Richard Anderson
Susan Anderson
Warren and Ingrid Anderson
Alice and Marc Applebaum
Jean Arnold
Marilyn and Larry Atler
Joanne Austin
Donna Axel & David Rosen
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Charles Baker
Carol Balkcom
Mark Barczuk
Jackie & Scott Barnes
Gary Baughman
Dan Baughn
Kayla Bell
Kathleen Benton
Michelle Bergen
Mary Berger
Peter Berglund
Adrian Berry
Martha Berzon
Bonnie Biafore
Bret Billings
Ross Billows
Joe and Sue Black
Christopher Bloodworth
Andrea Bobotis
Martha Bodell
Edward Bohn
Harry Bolles
Suzy Bremer
Jamie Brenner
Tyler Breuer
Nancy Brewka-Clark
Paul Briggs
Tom Brinegar
Helen Bromfield
C Rundell Brown
Ruth Brown
Sally Brown
Jim Broyles
Vicky Buffington
Carolyn Bullion
Chip and Lily Burkett
Roberta Burns
Mark Burrell
Lisa Byington
Charles Canfield
Alissa Carney
James Carr
Kathleen Champine
Heidi Chesley
Gary Wayne Clark
Nic Clark
Don Clary
Claudia Clopton & David Weihnacht
Therese Cohen
Lawrence Cohn
Robert Collins
Deborah Collins
Jane Colonno
John Cook
Pamel Cornelisse
Tom Corona
Sammy Covington
Virginia Crowley
Larry and Angela Cunningham
Marian Curtis
Emma and Lou Dafoe
Karen Darrington
Linda Davis
David DeCesari
Jeffrey Dehring
Jayne Delaney
Kim Devilbiss
Ann Dickson
Anne Dierschow
James Dinnebeck
Anne-Marie Dogan
Mike Doherty
Scott and Rachel Doniger
James Donohue
Scott Dooley
Cate Downey
David Droullard
Brooke Drumheller
Pamela Drumheller
Barbara and Martin Dubin
David Dunlop
Kevin Durham
Edgar Dwight
Kenneth Eddings
Kristi Edmonds
Thomas Edwards
Polly Ehrenhaft
David Eisenstein
Margaret Eppler
Krista Ernst
Steve Eulberg
Mimi Fahs
Lois Feinstein
Kevin Feit
Rick Femmer
Andrea Ferrara
Stan Finken
Lee Fisher
Ellen Fitzgerald
Jon Fitzgerald
Randy Flipse
Randy Fons
Stuart Francone
Frank Fransioli
Roseanne Frazer
Kathy Frisbie
Caroline Fuller
Christine Fullerton
Rae Galeazzi
Carl Gaspar
Julie Geller
Douglas Gertner & Maggie Miller
Jeff Gierer
Kathleen Gierer
Jill Giller
Thomas Giordano
Miranda Glasbergen
Kourtney Goebel
Lawrence Goldman
Daniel Gonzales
Emily Goode
Nathan Goodhard
Cindy Goodrich
Linda Gore
Hugh Graham
Anne Green
Suzanne Green
Tom and Alison Greengard
Kent Gregoroy
Patricia Gregory
Betsy Gressler
Nancy Gruschow
Paula and Stan Gudder
David Gunders
Kelly Halbrook
Lloyd Halvorsen
John Hammer
Randall Hampton
Anne Hanson
Lois Harvey
John Haskovec
Megan Hazel
Rachel Headley
David Herrick
Kathleen Hickey
Laurence Hoess
Kenneth Hosack
Sarah Howe
Andrew Howell
Amy Huebschmann
Matthew Hulbert
David Hulse
Heather Hume
Catherine Hupp
Iain Hyde
Marleen Hyde
Scott Idlet
Steven T Iltis
Derek Ingersoll
Matt Ivy
Barbara Jacobsen
Mr. Gordon James
Michael Jaques
Richard Jay
Eron Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Linda Johnston
Georgia Jordan
Craig Joyce
Jeremy Joyce
Katherine Kane
Matthew & Diana Karowe
Paul Kashmann
Courtney Kintzel
Kay Kiser
Ken Klingman
Susan Knight
Kevin Koalenz
Steven Kram
John Kugler
Lois LaFond
Karen Lamb
Teresa and Keith Lamprech
David Landwehr
Robert Lawrie
Wayne Laws
Lori Lazuk
Rev. Dale Morris Lee
David Leonard
John Levene
Barbara Lewis
Meriku Lewis
Alex Lieban
Gayle Lieban
Marge Liebler
Randy Lindsay-Brisbin
George Logue
Mark Long
Rosemary Longley
Mr. James Lucas
Barbara Lyman
S J Lyon
William Macfarlane
Lois MacPhee
Lori Malmstrom
Jim Manire
John Markert
Bruce Marsden
Sarah Pierce Martin
Kathy Martinez
Jeffrey May
Tim McAleer
Sam McCandless
Roy Mccloskey
Matthew McConville
Jim McGee
Edward McIlvain
Suzette Mckinnon
Alexander Mcvie
Rob Melich
Evan Metcalf
Athan Miller
Jason Miller
Rachel Miller
Kevin Minoli
Tim Moore
Bruce Morgenstern
Pete Moylan
Carol and Paul Nation
Eric Nelson
Kurt Nelson
Katy Neusteter
J Paul Newell
Brian Nishi
Jeffery T Nobles
Keely Nolan
Ames Nolte
Gregory O’Connor
Mark Oatis
Meghan OConnor
Duane Oudenhoven
Jill and Joe Ozaki
Tiffany Pallotto
Alicia Parker
Matthew Parks
Mary A Parmelee
Cindy Parmenter
Sarah Pearce
Oscar Pelta
Dorothy and Dave Penny
Lynda Phiel
Debra and Frank Piazza
Tom Poindexter
Kari Pokorny
David Porter
Fred Powell
Diane Prager
Elizabeth Prutch
Timothy Quinn
Gary Rabideau
Barbara Raley
Janna Raley
Gail Randall
Wendy Rathmell
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Katrina Rogers
Stephanie Romano
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Linda Rosales
Matt Rosauer
Katie Rosen
Mark Rovner
Rebecca Ruttenberg
John Rymers
Emily Sabanegh
Roseann Sanchez
Adam Sauer
William Schafer
Christopher Schneck
Jeffrey Schwartz
Saul & Julie Schwarz
Carla Sciaky
Ken Scott
Neil and Laurie Segall
Shelley Sendelbach
Andrew Sermak
Ingrid Shea
Phil Sheppard
Mark Shin
Carolyn Shulman
Catherine Sibson
Gregory Simpson
Laura Simpson
Mary Ann Sipher
Wendy Skinner
Jennifer Sleeper
Kathleen Sloan
Scott Smith
Masayoshi Someya
Sovos Compliance, LLC
DeAnne Spector
Mary Speer
Nancy & Jack Stanesco
Cayti Stein
Terri Steiner
Nick Stevens
Michael & Jamie Stewart
Michael Stewart
Jennifer Stokes
Louise Summer
Stefanie Bakken & Susan Youtz
Robert Tarulli
K&J Taylor
Jean Temple
Tim Teske
George Thomas
Henry Shaw Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Buddy & Laura Thomason
Gerald Thrall
Carol and Tom Tobiassen
Kenneth Tsang
Kris Tucker
Harry Tuft
Melissa Turner
Marilyn Udeen
Ms. Elly Valas
Craig Vanderlan
Stephanie Vergara
Ernest Vialpando
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Monika Vischer
Earl & Carol Waibel
Mary Waterstraat
Jerry Weakley
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Frank Weil
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Reed Weimer & Chandler Romeo
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Jeffrey Wilson
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Michelle Witt
Halden Wofford
Steven Wolmer
Anne Wormley
Betsy Worstell
Elizabeth Worstell
Mark Zammuto
Linda Zuck

Thanks to the generosity of nearly 1,000 donors who contributed anywhere from $1 to $99, Swallow HIll gratefully received an additional $45,000.  Thank you!


A - Ally Plus

Stumpy Avjean
Ellen Blum
Scott Bryan
Eliza Buyers & David Pinkert
Michael Charney
Anthony Chevalier
Wendy Aiello and Walter DeHaven
Jan Eyer and Gregg Reese
Mike Goldscheitter
Bill and Mary Keithler
Jan Kennaugh & Chip Horne
Farrell Moseley
Kathryn Phillips
D Manton Reiser
Jason Robinson
Brad Sandler – Right On Productions
Kathy and Ron Schumacher
Anita and Kevin Smith
Esther Starrels and John Wasserman
Meg Steinborn and Pete Scott
Jennie and Don Tidwell
Jack Tidwell
Deb and Bob Touslee
Kate & Chuck Vasilius
Marla J. Williams
Tracy and Adam Zabel


Janis and Gunter Angermayr
Betsy and Claude Brachfeld
Lane Chesley
Karl and Frances Dise
Brad Dobski Fund
Trevor Emery
Diane Fairclough
Bill Johnson and Cheri Ferbrache
Lori Fox and Tom Downey
Chris and Jeffra Frank
Kristi Franko
Henry and Josephine Gardiner
Anna Halaburda
Grace Hanover
Kyle and Kathryn Harris
Michael D Henry
Ann Herron
Mark Hutson
David “Duke” and Sandy Kaminsky
Mark Lehrner
Amy and Jim Leonard
Anna and George Lyford
Rachel Lyons
Heidi and Steven Ray MacAlpine
Kathy Madigan
Barry Ollman
Eduardo R. & Anita Pajon
Sally Polk
Christy and Mike Ramee
Alice & Rudy Ramsey
Richard Rogers
Katie Rosen
Saul and Debbie Rosenthal
Charles Samson
Nina Sharma
Doug Tashiro
Catherin and Bill Teutsch
Patricia Thompson
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Tom C Wilson
Gregory Young


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Alice & Tom Stephens
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David Weihnacht


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Alan Hanson
Angela Hill
Carol Harang
Charles Hunt
Denise Hamel
Donna Herz
Edward Hoffman
Ellin Hayes
Jeff Hardy
John Hammer
John Hopper
Judith Henderson
Julie Hall
Kenny Hosack
Kevin Higgins
Laurence Hoess
Margie Hahn
Michael Hutt
Roberta Holbrook
Steve Huffman
Stuart Habel
Susan Heldman
Al Hart
Margaret Hunt
Susan Hemenway
James Hilgers
Lane Hart
Stephanie Hoon
Jon Ingersoll
Phillip Ill
Bruce Iverson
Dana Judd
Jill Jones
Sharon Jubb
Thomas Janko
Judith Jaehning
Gail Johnson
Anna Kennamer
Bill Kiser
David Kreger
Debra Kolacny
Kimberley Kastrul
Michael Keating
Paul Kashmann
Richard J. Karlin
Rocky Kemp
Sharon Kestrel
Thomas Keilman
Ken Klingman
Shelly Krug
Lee Knuti
Robert Kochevar
Bob Lord
Brian Love
David Lewerenz
David Lyons
Elise Lubell
Frazer Lockhart
James Labelle
Jill Lorentz
Jim Lenyo
Joe Lundy
Nadine Lund
Paul Lindgren
Peter Levisay
Robert LaDue
Sarah Liberatore
Ward Livingston
Zoe Larson
David Lukaszewski
Kathy & Dan Likarish
Keith Lamprech
Tom Lell
Bill Macmillan
Carla McConnell
David Manchester
Harriet Milnes
John Markert
Kathreen Minor
Leonard McPherson
Linda Mitchell
Lisa McMullen
Michael Minyard
Sharon MacDonnell
Shirley & Jim Muggli
Ted Merriam
William Moore
Dave Mitzner
Felice Morel
Lyndon Merkle
Sam McCandless
Heather Meloy
Leslie Miller
Leslie Mitchell
Patricia Meyer
Eric Nelson
Harvey Nyberg
Pamela Nemeth
Mark Newlin
Jim Neubaum
Kirk Oglesby
Mike O’Brian
Ralph Ogden
David Ostrander
Gavin O’Toole
Joe Ozaki
Jim Osterhoff
Cheri Priebe
Ira Pasternack
Jim Panzer
Lynda Phiel
Melissa Pearlman
Pat Poggi
Weston Preising
William Patterson
William Poska
Bob Perchonok
Clare Pramuk
Gretchen Platt
Eric Pierson
Lorena Pfautz
Thomas Porte
Arthur Rosenblum
Audrey Rager
Christy Ramee
David Robison
David Rodenberg
Edith Rincon
John Reed
John Reusch
Martin Rosenberg
Mary Rosenberg
Richard Ratigan
Suzanne Regan
Tom Radigan
Alan Rubin
Al Spies
Bill Schaefer
Brent Steadman
Connor Stone
Constance Schneider
Dan Shannon
Daniel Schneider
David Struthers
Jim Stevens
John & Elisabeth Shippey
Kim Stone
Leigh Stolle
Marguerite Stewart
Michael Stock
Nick Stevens
Peter Shaffner
Philip Shalen
Robert Smith
Robert Steinborn
Ronda Smith
Rose Spivey
Tammy Sutton
Thomas Strauss
Tom Scanlan
Tom Stockman
Ann Schwab
Carla Sciaky
Elaine Selsberg
Gary Scott
Mark Solomon
Mary Steefel
Suzanne Staples
Youtz Susan
Clare Schachter
Clark Strickland
Eric Stene
Lawrence Schulman
Mechelle Stanton
Michael Shellman
Nancy Sayre
Susan Shetterly
Elliot Troy
Hubert Thomason
Jean Temple
Laura Thomason
Patti Thorn
Ren Thompson
Steve Tyler
Terry Tyler
Kent Taylor
Howard Uliss
Elly Valas
Michelle Vogt
Sandra Van Cleave
Karen Bailey
Marie Valenzuela
Barbara Watson
Dennis Wyatt
Douglas West
Jan Wilson
Jeff Waller
Jim Woodson
Melanie Weiss-Turner
Michael Wittmann
Steve Wiencrot
Tim White
Tracey Wise
Charles Wynn
Lucy Wolboldt
Steve Williamson
Vivien Wu
Carl White
Carol Waibel
fred wolf
Jody Wright
John Walton
Ron Woods
Phil Yoo
Tom Yeoman
Dena Zocher
Don Zelinkoff
Julie Zwerin
Kristine Zellman
Marina Zwerling
Susan Zhang
Michael Thompson
Karen Morrison
Craig Hartley
Patrick Nocerino
Marilyn Walker
Kendor Jones
Jackie & Scott Barnes
Bruce Goldberg
Katherine Foote
Dena Zocher
Joe and Sue Black
Steve Briggs
Warren Anderson
Catherine Sibson
J.J. Lawrence
Ann Shockley
David Lyons
Arthur Garfein
George H Griffin


Dave Aker
Debra Angell
Jean Anhalt
June Anderson
Leah Audin
Maureen Allen
Robert Andrews
Ross Arce
Stephen Acker
Tom Arrison
Afua Ahima
Finn Agenbroad
Kathie Anderson
Steve Anderson
Andrea Blanchard
Anne Byrne
Barbara Brickley
Barbara Buttenfield
Bob Bellmaine
Bruce Bartram
Carol Byrd
Carolyn Bullion
Frank Bailey
Jamie Brenner
Jim Broyles
Karen Bassford
Kristy Bigelow
Kyle Branham
Lisa Bowman
Lynn Bryant
Michelene Berkey
Micki Balder
Mike Boggess
Paul Berteau
Peter Berglund
Rachel Backes
Randy Beem
Robert Birkey
Robert Brigham
Tony Blando
Tricia Beaver
Val Brown
Vicky Buffington
William Bostwick
Camella Bailey
Charles Blosten
Thomas Brennan
Craig Brandhorst
Ellen Bracchi
Joseph T Brown
Kathleen Benton
Roger Barnes
Ann Brinkerhoff
Fletcher Brown
Gordon Burt
Kathy Benton
Carolyn Bullion
Brent Cohen
C M Cupp
Charles Covey
David Coder
Jennifer Corbet
Jim Cloud
Julie Cunnison
Ken Cleveland
Mary Cheever
Maury Cohen
Philip Carson
Richard Celmer
Russell Campbell
Taylor Coe
Tom Corona
Cheri Cohn
Jasmine Carey
Leslie Conner
Nancy Connick
Veronica Cortinas
Michael Craine
Rich Chamberlain
Parker Cowgill
Craig Dierksen
Daniel Dearmin
David Droullard
David Dunlop
Denise DeForest
Derren Duburguet
Eric Durland
Gene Drumm
Gerald Durkop
John Dodd
Kent Dow
Lennis Dempewolf
Linda Dunn
Mary Devine
Mike Doherty
Monica Day
Steve Drucker
Thomas Desantis
Vickie Dunning
Christopher Douglas
James Donohue
Lawrence Drago
Carl Desantis
Deb Duemling
Gary Desmond
Kimball Davison
Mike Dow
Gail Elias
Gary Essex
Gary Ewing
Howard Eiden
Janell Edman
Kathi Engelken
Peter Edwards
Robert Elrod
Susan Essex
Leonard Ellis
Martin Egelhoff
Virginia Eiseman
Alan Fasick
Anna Furniss
Dana Fullington
David Farley
Deborah Fox
Ellen Fitzgerald
Glenn Farrow
Gretchen Frey
Peter Faris
Sally Flynn
Sherry Forbes
Sue Franklin
Thom Fisher
Valeria Fernandez
Jane Feldman
Zabeth Farr
Edward Frost
Sarabeth Friedman
Aaron Gordon
Al Gilbert
Bill Galerstein
Edee Gail
Elizabeth Goehring
Fritz Gale
J. R. Guy
Judith Gubner-Terry
Katie Genova
Linda Gore
Marilyn Greenwalt
Rick Gregorio
Susie Gallagher
Joan Griffin
Lanny Grosse
Janice Green
Kathy Glatz
Debra Goldberg
Al Hrenko
Barbara Hosler
Carol Herczeg
Cheryl Holland
Dave Hegeman
David C Herrick
Harryl Hollingsworth
Heather Hume
Kay Huemoeller
Kristina Hughes
Kyle Hirsch
Larry Hall
Larry Hill
Larry Hoffman
Mark Ham
Mark Hintz
Mary Harrel Lawrence
Mary Hexamer
Matthew Hulbert
Paul Henkelmann
Peter Heineman
Polly Hays
Randall Hampton
Rich Harris
Richard Hennessey
Ron Hilton
Shari Hansen
Terry Hardy
Clint Harm
Edward Hanson
Emily Hillegeist
Julie Hehn
Terrie Howarth
Tom Hayes
Bill Herrick
Jim Hecker
Peggy Hansen
Robert Harney
Roger Huang
Albert Hasty
Tishaba Harris
Paul Iwancio
Scott Idlet
Eric Imbody
Brett Johnson
Bruce Johnson
Carol Johnson
Dean Johnson
Jolee Jones
Judith Jones
Linda Johnston
Mark Jellison
Pat Jennings
Patricia Jackson
Richard Johnson
Terri Johnson
Bonnie Jimmerson
Maggi Junor
Richard Jaeger
Danny Johnson
Sandra Jones
Shirley Jones
Barbara Kadin
Brian Kenny
Elaine Kallos
Ken Koprowicz
Jack Kronser
Jeff Kennedy
Jessica Kraeft
Judy Koch
Kathy M. Kurtz
Kerry Krauss
Larry Kreitman
Laurel Knox
Lawrence King
Maureen Keller
Paula Konigsberg
Rick Kirwin
Tracy Kiteya-Vasquez
Bob Kumagai
Jennifer Keen
Sue Knight
David King
Janet Kester
Mark Karlok
Michael Kane
Rita King
Robert Koch
Susan Kaplan
Deb Knapp
Allan Lewandowski
Barbara Lehman
Barry Lutsky
Briana Lynch
Cynthia Lowry
David Lookner
Dennis Larson
Judi LaCoste
Ken Louis
Linda Lampkin
M. Jane Leche
Marc Lippitt
Merrill Leavitt
Mike Lewallen
Patricia Leonard
Rachel Lund Harris
Randall Lamp
Kate Laxar
Matthew Lang
Bruce Leslie
Edward Le Grice
Lori Land
Ron Lockhart
Sheri Lockhart
Alex Lieban
Alec Millman
Alexander Mcvie
Bill Miksa
Brian Mullan
Bruce Marsden
Carol Mccracken
Dan Morrissey
Dick Mruz
Dwight Mark
Fred Munson
Frederick Mader
Heather McKee
Heidemarie MacAlpine
Ivadell Marie
Jeffrey Millman
Jen Myers
Jessica Monczka
Joseph Marra
Judy Maillis
Karen Middleton
Lia Martinez
Lisa Mathews-Bingham
Lois MacPhee
LuAnn McClure
Mark Marquez
Mary Mccrimmon
Michael Mcluckie
Nancy E. Myer
Nancy McGraw
Paul Marino
Pete Moylan
Ray Meng
Rene Moffatt
Robert Mitchell
Roberta Marks
Roger Myers
Steve Morrow
Tim Matya
Tim Moore
Todd McDonald
Tom Mauser
Tony Miller
Yova McCoy
Bill Macfarlane
Douglas Marek
Ed Martin
Emilie McDonough
Jack Martin
Ken Morris
Sharon Miller
Donna Mandel
Raymond Meng
Robert McHugh
Rodney Mahaffey
Jane Martin
Katie Mae Meloan
Susan Melvin
Ruth Montague
Bob Nixon
Cynthia Nance
George Neale
June Nowatzke
Lise Nelson
Louise Ness
Margaret Nelson
Sandra Nearpass
Chris O’brien
Constance Oehring
David Osterman
Don Oppliger
Nancy Orcutt
Thomas ODonnell
Kelly O’Leary
Roger Overbey
Roy Olson
Bob Phelps
Bonnie C. Pritchett
Brandon Peters
Bruce Peterson
Camille Pane
Carla Paton
Cody Parish
Craig Puck
Darryl Petrusk
Dave Porter
Dianne Powers
Eduardo R. Pajon
Jeffrey Phillips
John Pflaum
Judith Powers
Ken Proctor
Lance Olson
Lanette Prosseda
Larry Petree
Lelah Peters
Margaret Pearce
Mark Pogrebin
Morgan Paulk
Nathan Persoff
Ruth Price
Trent Peaker
Sally Pearce
Susan Perry
Bernadette Price
Eric Petty
Tiffany Pallotto
Debbie Pallai
Larry Palmer
Maria Pelissier
Michael Reddy
Alan Rosen
Ann Rutkofsky
Christo Rusin
Douglas Radtke
Douglas Redosh
Elizabeth Rohrbough
Jeff Rose
Jessica Bondy
John Rymers
Joyce Rosenblum
Michael Regan
Pat Rossiter
Phil Ramos
Rhoda Resnick
Rich Riedel
Rick Roline
Rob Roper
Terry Rice
Cecil Roberts
Don Ross
Mark Rudolph
Stephanie Romano
Charlotte Redden
David Rhoades
Kim Roberts
Lori Reynolds
Janie Rossitto
Bernard Small
Carl Shushan
Cathy Sibson
Chad Schneider
Charles Smedly
Chris Sheffer
Colin Strickland
Cory Smith
Dan Simmons
Daryl Shadle
Don Snow
Ed Stump
Gene Smaciarz
H Carlos Schoellhorn
Heather Sullivan
Howard Singer
Jennifer Sells
Julia Stoll
Kari Steenberg
Kelly Simmerman
Kelsey Smith
Kimberly Seymour
Lee Stark
Lori Sharp
Louise Summer
Mark Shepler
Marshall Schecter
Matt Schmidt
Michael Spak
Michael Staszak
Michael W Spatz
Michel Schuh
Mike Steiner
Rayetta Silverman
Richard Swanson
Robert Stonebridge
Roger Seley
Ryan Sethre
Sally Ann Soja
Sandy Steiner
Sarah Sheehan
Shawn Snelgrove
Shelley Sheets
Susan Spero
Tracy Shirey
Vincent Szafranko
Richard Stewart
Shelly Shipley
Doug Schmidt
George Saperstein
Greg Scanlon
Jerry Starbuck
Larry Stuckey
Valerie Smith
Diane & Gary Smith
Gordon Steuck
Cary Thomas
Chalmers Turner
David Taenzer
Debra Thomas
Isabel Tovar
Jeanette Teal
Kris Tita
Kris Tominaga
Mike Turner
Sally Tulk
Susan Turner
Allen Torrey
Frank Tadeo
Lamar Trant
Alice Turak
Lisa Thompson
Barbara Test
Andrea VanSteenhouse
Teri Vaughn
Patricia Vollmer
Andrea Waner
Anne Weaver
Barb Wedig
Barney White
Bob Wold
Carol Wilson
Christoph Wiese
Dick Weissman
Eric Wampler
Fern Sawyer Ward
Kevin Ward
George Williams
JoAnn Wenzinger
John Worden
Kristen Wisdom
Mark Wolf
Mary Wilham
Michael Weaver
Michael Welch
Michelle Witt
Norman Watson
Richard Waszak
Steve Wewer
Steve Wharton
Patty Whalen
Teresa Walter
Tim Williams
Bonnie Weaver
Elinor White
Constance Wood
Patricia Welch
Gary Chappel
Erez Yaakobi
Jeremy Zornow
Robert Zeppernick