Swallow Hill Music Secondary 7

2019 Annual Report

IN 2019,

Swallow Hill Music reached more than


through our Community Outreach Programs, Concerts and Music Classes.


There’s an elephant in the room

In normal times, this letter would only be a reflection of the previous year’s successes, challenges, impacts and outcomes, but these are anything but normal times.  On March 13th of 2020, we made the extraordinarily challenging decision to temporarily close our doors and turn off the lights in the face of COVID-19.  By the end of the first week of closure, in the face of the greatest existential threat to Swallow Hill and with very heavy hearts, we made a set of decisions to avoid the total collapse of Swallow Hill.  To those ends, we laid off our teachers, hourly workers, and a third of our administrative staff. 

With our small team that remained, we began the task of planning for how we reopen our doors and breathe new life into all of our programming – from group classes and private lessons to concerts, community jams and community outreach.

When we begin to emerge from this crisis, we remain fully committed to open our doors, bring our teachers back to work and invite our community to come together as the music community that means so much to so many.

And we now have gone even farther – Your Swallow Hill Music Community is now taking shape online where we present nightly concerts through Swallow Hill Live, teach lessons and run workshops and work bring community outreach programs to life.  We cannot wait to see you back in our building when the time is right!

2019 was simply amazing

2019 marked the third year of our strategic plan – a five-year plan that challenged Swallow Hill to make 75,000 annual musical connections in our under resourced communities.  We accomplished that goal two years ahead of schedule – amazing.  From our hallmark Little Swallows early childhood education program to our work in K-12 public schools and from veterans programs to our work with older adults, Swallow Hill finished the year with more than 76,000 music connections, brining music education and experiences to those who wouldn’t have the opportunities otherwise.

Your support for these programs made a difference in the lives of thousands, and for that we are so deeply thankful.

2019 also marked a milestone birthday as Swallow Hill turned 40!  The year of celebrations and reflections of our storied past culminated with our induction into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame – amazing. 

From a year filled with amazing concerts both big and small to music rooms filled with students hungry to learn and amazing teachers sharing their craft, 2019 brought an immeasurable level of joy – truly fulfilling our mission of brining the joy of music to life every day.

Now, as we live with the elephant in the room, we focus on our online community – brining the vibrancy and robustness of our work to life on a different stage – a different platform – and as we build community online, we look forward to a future for Swallow Hill where our online community and our in-person community exist and thrive at the same time.

Wishing you good health and happiness,

Paul Lhevine, CEO                    

George Lyford, 2019 Board Chair










through our

Outreach Programs


















classes in




Tiff Grady


“I’m the person that is moved to tears not by what people say, but the music that accompanies a moment,” Swallow Hill’s Outreach Director Tiffany Grady tells us.

When it comes to our Community Outreach Programs, we’ve seen our annual music connections grow from 19,000 in 2017, to 76,000 in 2019. When Tiffany joined Swallow Hill in 2018, she seized that momentum and helped us explode our growth, creating many musical moments in the process.

“I love that Swallow Hill isn’t just committed to serving folk music-lovers, but the larger community, especially young people living in under-resourced neighborhoods,” Tiffany says. “The entire organization embraces this goal – from the board, staff, instructors and members.”

“When I think about how music makes our lives better,” she added, “I think about a 2014 scientific study that discovered 14-month-olds who felt they were bouncing in sync with a dance partner were later more likely to help that partner pick up an object out of reach, than if the two were not in sync.” She continues, “It’s a cool way of demonstrating how music and rhythm create connections.”

As Outreach Director, Tiffany loves getting to watch Swallow Hill’s programming in action. Whether it is watching preschool aged students blossom in our Little Swallows music classes, or seeing adults connect with their Alzheimer’s-diagnosed parents through song in our Musical Memories programming, wonderful things happen when music plays. 

“For me, and for many others, music fills a spiritual need,” Tiffany says. For her, music is often the thread that weaves everything together. “I could name a song that has been the soundtrack of my most joyous and heartbreaking moments.”

-Tiffany Grady, Outreach Director





through our















It was a true honor to serve on the Swallow Hill Board of Directors for the past 8 years.  I wish to thank all of the staff, leadership and fellow board members whom I had the pleasure to work with.  I am a committed believer in the transformative power of music.  For some people, music is a delightful entertainment and diversion.  For others, it’s an opportunity to learn, create and perform.  Most importantly to me, experiencing music together can form the roots of a sustainable and connected community.  While my term on the board has ended, I am proud to consider myself part of this wonderful Swallow Hill musical community. 

When I joined the Swallow Hill board, it seemed to me that Colorado could use more Swallow Hill.  While we’ve achieved much and matured as an organization over the past 8 years, Colorado needs us now more than ever, and I’m confident that the Swallow Hill team is up to the challenge.

The future is very bright, indeed!

- David Pinkert

David Pinkert






through our

Music School






participated in




Private Lesson



awarded for




40th Annual Celebration
40th Annual Celebration stage
40th Annual Celebration crowd


Swallow Hill’s past, present, and a glimpse of our future were all on hand at the Central Presbyterian Church in Denver on Saturday, November 9, 2019 as we celebrated our 40th anniversary by being inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

A sold out audience of 750 was on hand as CEO Paul Lhevine accepted the award on behalf of anyone who ever took a class, attended a concert, collected a ticket, taught a class, or served a drink at Swallow Hill over the years.

“Swallow Hill Music started with Harry Tuft’s commitment to build community around music, and forty years later we have an amazing community that attends classes and comes to concerts. In addition to that, we’re bringing music education and experiences to those across our community who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise. We are honored and thrilled to join the musical legends enshrined in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame,” Swallow Hill’s CEO Paul Lhevine said.

Harry Tuft, former Swallow Hill Executive Director Chris Daniels, and many more were on hand as well.

Also inducted during the evening were Walt Conley (who died in 2003), Dick Weissman, and the evening’s headlining act, the now legendary and pioneering Mother Folkers.

The evening capped a year of celebrations both great and small throughout the Denver area to salute our community of music lovers as we enter our fifth decade.

Almost as wonderful as the induction ceremony and concert were the countless little moments that took place throughout the evening, from current Swallow Hill Instructors jamming with Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton in the green room, to Swallow Hill staffers hoisting the Colorado Music Hall of Fame plaque like a championship trophy. As the evening wound to a close, hundreds of Swallow Hill’s members lingered in the lobby to rekindle old friendships while forging new ones. No one wanted the night to end, but it will live on in Swallow Hill lore.






“I’ve had a number of really wonderful moments making music at Swallow Hill,” Harry Tuft replied when asked to pick out a moving musical moment he’s experienced here. “The audiences are so welcoming, they’ve made me feel so good.”

It comes as no surprise that Harry struggled to find one moment that rises above all the rest. When it comes to Swallow Hill, well, we wouldn’t be here without Harry. As the founder of our forerunner The Denver Folklore Center, and as a songwriter and performer, Harry Tuft is synonymous with Swallow Hill.

Reflecting on 40 years of Swallow Hill Music, while looking to the future, Harry said “I have great faith in the value of music, and the ability of music to bring people together, which is one of the many reasons why Swallow Hill is not only such a great organization, but why it has been successful.”

People creating community through music, it’s a theme he returns to again and again. “People really do want to make music together. And the fact that through the years the people who have moved Swallow Hill forward have recognized that, and developed programs that foster it.”

- Harry Tuft

Harry Tuft


Board & Staff

Board of Directors

George Lyford, Chair
Jason Robinson, Vice Chair
Jim Leonard, Secretary
Tracy Zabel, Treasurer
Walt DeHaven, Member at Large

Michael Charney
Trevor Emery
Lori Fox
Grace Hanover
Kyle Harris
Jennifer Nealson
Dave Pinkert
Dave Ratner
Gregg Reese
Nina Sharma
Catherine Teutsch
Kayla Tibbals


Paul Lhevine, Chief Executive Officer
Jessy Clark, Chief Operating Officer


Sara Doerflein, Development Director
Cheri Gonzales, Development Coordinator
Mia Lang, Development & Administrative Assistant

Finance & Human Resources

Kome Muller, Finance Director
Michelle Reilley, Accounting Specialist


Meg Ivey Yon, Marketing Director
Barry Osborne, Associate Marketing Director
Jeremy Lessnau, Marketing Manager
Olivia Shaw, Social Media Manager


Roger Menell, Director of Concerts/Talent Buyer
Dustin Perricone, Box Office & Hospitality Manager, Archivist
Lindsay Corbin, Volunteer Coordinator & Event Manager
Brian Hunter, Sound Engineer
Richard Montgomery, Concert Production

Music School

Tyler Breuer, Music School Director
Christina Adamoli, School Program Coordinator

Community Outreach

Tiffany Grady, Outreach Director
Michael John McKee, Outreach Coordinator

Customer Service

Ashley Kidder, Facilities & Customer Service Director
Kelsy Lartius, Customer Service Manager
David McDaniel, Customer Service Associate
Elyse Midgyett, Customer Service Associate
Haley Milonas, Customer Service Associate
James Cook, Customer Service Associate
Jenny Corona, Customer Service Associate
Rebecca Davilla, Customer Service Associate


Jim McGowan, Maintainance Manager
James Cook, Cafe Manager

Community Sponsors


Fairfield & Woods PC
Mountain States Toyota
Schumacher Accounting & Tax Services
The Davita Village


Creative Law Network
PCL Construction
Plante Moran
US Bank
YellowDog | Design | Print | Marketing


Alpine Bank
Brownstein Hyatt & Farber
Denver Folklore Center
Flywheel Capital
Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities
Friday Health Plans
Greystone Technology Group
Illegal Pete’s
Taloma Partners
Tracy & Adam Zabel
Triumph Business Services LLC
Walt DeHaven & Wendy Aiello

Under $1,000

Coburn Architecture
Kome & Deric Muller
Middleton Insurance & Financial Services
Paul Lhevine & Lori Rabinowitz
Sara & Ryan Doerflein

In Kind

Bear Creek Distillery
Colore Italian Restaurant
Creative Law Network
Denver Cake Company
Heirloom Catering
Illegal Pete’s
Kaladi Coffee Roasters
Man Can Wine
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Occasions Catering
Odell Brewing Co.
Ox Ukuleles
Panda Express
Republic National Distributing Company
The Post
Trompeau Bakery


91.5 KUNC
97.3 KBCO
KGNU 88.5
Marquee Magazine
Washington Park Profile



Anthony Chevalier
Jan Kennaugh & Chip Horne


Marjorie Baumert
Michael Charney
Walter DeHaven & Wendy Aiello
Anita & Kevin Smith


Edward Barsocchi
Kevin Bostick
Brad Dobski Fund
Eric Duran & Susana Cordova
Diane Fairclough
Henry & Josephine Gardiner
Kyle & Kathryn Harris
Ann Herron
Bill Johnson & Cheri Ferbrache
Jim Leonard
George & Anna Lyford
Laura Jane Musser Fund
Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group Inc.
Barry Ollman
Mitchell Petersen Legacy Fund
Sally Polk
D Manton Reiser
Jason Robinson
Meg Steinborn & Pete Scott
Sam Walker
Barney White
Marla J Williams
Thomas Williams
Phil Yoo
Tracy Zabel


Barefoot PR
David Barry
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Claudia Clopton & David Weihnacht
Susan Essex
Ruth Falkenberg
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Randy Lentz
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Randy & Teresa Sanman
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Stefka Fabbri
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John Girardeau
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Mike Glade
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Lou Gobis
Pamela Goff
Hal Goldberg
Ginger Goldman
David Goldstein
Aaron Gollegly
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Nik Goodell
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Maria Graham
Val Graham
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Darren Graves
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Anthony Hodes
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Jennifer Howard
Terrie Howarth
Cathy Howell
Tamara Hoxworth
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Roger Huang
Kay Huemoeller
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Matthew Hulbert
Myron Hulen
Heather Hume
Steve Hunt
Mark Hutson
Scott Idlet
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Sandra Jones
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Elaine Kallos
Barbara Jo Kammer
Anya Kanaster
Susan Kaplan
Mark Karlok
Anthony Kay
Angela Keady
Eileen Kearney
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Kevin Novak
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Mary Onstot
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Roger Overbey
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Randall Ronne
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Jeff Rose
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Mira Rubenstein
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Christo Rusin
Floyd Russak
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Ann Rutkofsky
Joel Ryan
John Rymers
Felice Sage
Carole Salter
Kathy Sandoval
George Saperstein
Melissa Saurborn
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Greg Scanlon
Clare Schachter
Marshall Schecter
Carmen Schiedel
Mark Schmidheiser
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Alan Schocket
Mary Schott
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Holly Schutz
Aaron Sefton
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Michael Shainline
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Ian Shea
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Dixie Shear
Mark Shepler
Molly Sherwood
Kenneth Silverberg
Kay Simpson
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Howard Singer
Sondra Singer
Gene Smaciarz
Charles Smedly
Ben Smith
Charlie Smith
Gary Smith
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Randall Smith
Diane & Gary Smith
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Sally Ann Soja
Susan Spero
John Stallworth
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Peggy Stark
Jeanie Stevens
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Mary Stever
Richard Stewart
Eric Stiles
John Stiles
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Sheila Stille
Jon Stockdale
Robert Stonebridge
Michael Story
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Richard Sutton
Art Swartwout
Barbara Tabak
Martin Taschdjian
Dan Taubman
James Taylor
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David Terrien
Marty Tessmer
Lorna Thomas
Mona Thomas
Shaw Thomas
Lisa Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Jesse Thornham
Leslie Tjarks
Brian Tooley
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Bob Touslee
Isabel Tovar
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Sally Tulk
Alice Turak
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Chalmers Turner
Elly Valas
Sandra Van Cleave
Steve Van Dyke
Chris Vannote
Wendy Verdun
Bob Von Gunten
Janie von Waldburg
Michael Waggoner
Christine Walderhaug
Marilyn Walker
Robert Walker
Stuart Walker
Jeff Waller
Adrienne Walsh
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Kevin Ward
Mary Jo Warren
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Jerry Weakley
Rick Webster
Barb Wedig
Richard Weight
James Weishaupl
Patricia Weiss
Lissette Wells
Owen Wells
JoAnn Wenzinger
Mimi Wesson
John Westcott
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Steve Wheeler
Elinor White
Tommy White
Bob Whitfield
Mike Wichmann
Steve Wiencrot
Christoph Wiese
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