IN 2018,

Swallow Hill Music reached more than


through our Community Outreach

Programs, Concerts and Music Classes.


Dear Friends,

Thank you! In 2018 you attended scores of concerts and took more lessons in our school than ever before. And through your ticket purchases and school tuition, you helped our community outreach programs grow like never before. Thank you for joining as members, for your donations and sponsorships. Because of you, we were able to nurture existing partnerships and bring new partnerships to life. In our 39th year, Swallow Hill continues to fulfill our mission bringing the joy of music to life every day.

Last year, our concert team produced 229 shows bringing together 64,904 concertgoers. From the Denver Botanic Gardens Summer Concert Series to our three stages at our own venue on Yale Avenue — we were honored again this year to host national acts and emerging artists and everything in-between.

And because of you, Swallow Hill continues to proudly serve as the country’s 2nd largest acoustic music school. Our extraordinary teachers, more than 60 in all, are the heart and soul of Swallow Hill — they are also working musicians — and we see them bring their passion and skills into every class they teach. In 2018, our school saw more than 64,000 visits — group classes swelled with students young and old and the number of private lesson hours continued to rise.

2018 also marked the 2nd year of our strategic plan and we surpassed our goals and more than doubled our outreach efforts making 48,666 musical connections in our under-resourced community (up from 18,900 connections in 2017).

We provided MORE Little Swallows early childhood education classes, MORE Music Therapy programs, and MORE Interactive Performances for school assemblies across the metro area. Seven of our teachers taught 1,740 Little Swallows classes at 19 schools. In addition, our team now includes three Board Certified Therapists who have helped to grow our Music Therapy programming at Brent’s Place, Developmental Pathways, the Alzheimer’s Association and Memory Care and Assisted Living Facilities including Balfour and HighPointe. Music education taps into our emotions and joins together both halves of our brains.

Music education drives language acquisition and gets us thinking about math in a different way. And because of its social nature, music education drives positive behavioral outcomes. Music matters and because of your generosity we are reaching those in our community who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn and grow.

We look forward to 2019 and beyond with great excitement. As our concert and school teams expand programing, we anticipate reaching 71,000 community outreach connections by the end of next year. All of this is driven by the recognition that music matters.

Thank you for helping to make music matter.

Warmest regards,

Paul & George











through our

Outreach Programs


















classes in





“Many of the students I see through Swallow Hill have a variety of needs,” Swallow Hill Little Swallows Instructor Eric Feldman says. “There are emotional-behavioral needs as well as children on the Autism spectrum.”

A Board Certified Music Therapist, Eric joined Swallow Hill in January 2017. Our Little Swallows early childhood music appreciation classes provide an ideal situation for someone of his talent and experience to shine.

Eric currently teaches Little Swallows at the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being. The classes are part of Swallow Hill’s rapidly expanding community outreach programs. In 2018 our grant-funded, weekly Little Swallows classes reached 1,200 preschool aged kids in 19 schools in the metro area, up from 65 kids at one school in 2017.


“I aim for my classes to provide musical exercises… that guide each child towards success.”

-Eric Feldman, Music Therapist





through our















CBS4 is a significant partner of Swallow Hill’s, enabling us to bring the joy of music to life every day through concerts and music lessons for all ages. CBS4 generously provides digital, television, and social advertising to promote Swallow Hill’s Music Matters campaign.


“CBS4 is honored to partner with Swallow Hill and believes in the mission to bring the joy of music to life. Our partnership with Swallow Hill and our Music Matters campaign helps tell the stories of music education’s impact across the community. We are incredibly proud to partner with Swallow Hill as they continue to expand their presence in the community.”

-Walt DeHaven, Member, Swallow Hill Board of Directors, CBS4 Denver Vice President & General Manager






through our

Music School






participated in




Private Lesson



awarded for





Thanks to The Denver Foundation for their ongoing and generous investments in our Outreach programming, which provides music education and experiences to under-resourced communities. As a result of their support our Outreach efforts will increase by over 40% from 2018 to 2019. We are grateful for the many ways we are being supported by The Denver Foundation and for their leadership in our community.


“The Denver Foundation is committed to serving the most vulnerable in our community and we are thrilled to support Swallow Hill and their Little Swallows early childhood education program to bring high-quality music to all students. Swallow Hill’s expansion in over 85 schools in Metro Denver is inspiring and is making a significant impact in the community.”

-Collinus Newsome, Director of Education, The Denver Foundation​






Listening to an Aretha Franklin cassette tape was the first time I experienced the real power of music. As a kid I would sit in a cardboard box singing the blues with shoes as drumsticks and spend hours rollerblading around the garage belting the songs of legendary divas into my hairbrush. My long-lasting relationship with music could not have brought me to a more perfect work environment than that of Swallow Hill Music.

I was first introduced to Swallow Hill at the age of 19 while playing at an Open Stage in the Café. During my now seven years working at the organization, I have taken private lessons and group classes, witnessed multiple Outreach programs, recorded an album at our in-house recording studio, and performed at many Swallow Hill events. It is a special community comprised of genuinely caring people in the classroom, on stage, and in the administration.

Music welcomes me into the building each day. I sit in my office while toddlers sing “Hello Friends” and shake tambourines in the room below me. I listen to conversations between teachers who have become friends and co-workers who I now consider family, all while talking about the amazing work Swallow Hill Music is doing at our locations and in the community.


“For me, and I’m sure many others, the more time you spend here you realize, Swallow Hill Music is not a place you visit; it’s a place you stay.”

-Cheri Gonzales, Development Coordinator, Swallow Hill Music


Board & Staff
Board of Directors

George Lyford, Chair
Jason Robinson, Vice Chair
Jim Leonard, Secretary
Tracy Zabel, Treasurer
Michael Charney
Walt DeHaven
Lori Fox
Chris Frank
Dave Pinkert
Gregg Reese
Catherine Teutsch
Kayla Tibbals


Paul Lhevine, Chief Executive Officer
Jessy Clark, Chief Operating Officer

Sara Dorflein, Development Director
Cheri Gonzales, Development Coordinator

Finance & Human Resources
Kome Muller, Finance Director
Michelle Reilley, Accounting Specialist

Meg Ivey Yon, Marketing Director
Barry Osborne, Associate Marketing Director
Meg Dineen, Marketing Manager
Olivia Shaw, Social Media Manager


Roger Menell, Director of Concerts/Talent Buyer
Dustin Perricone, Box Office & Hospitality Manager, Archivist
Lindsay Corbin, Volunteer Coordinator & Event Manager
Brian Hunter, Sound Engineer
Richard Montgomery, Concert Production

Music School
Tyler Breuer, Music School Director
Brennalynn Flaherty, School Program Coordinator

Community Outreach
Tiffany Grady, Outreach Director
Michael John McKee, Outreach Coordinator


Customer Service
Ashley Kidder, Facilities & Customer Service Director
Ava Radigan, Customer Service Associate
Christina Adamoli, Customer Service Associate
Hannah Bastani, Customer Service Associate
James Cook, Customer Service Associate
Jenny Corona, Customer Service Associate
Kelsy Lartius, Customer Service Associate
Rebecca Davilla, Customer Service Associate

Jim McGowan, Maintainance Manager
James Cook, Cafe Manager

Community Sponsors

Mile High United Way
Schumacher Accounting & Tax Services


The DaVita Village
US Bank Foundation


Denver Folklore Center
The Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities
PCL Construction

Under $1,000

Eric Duran & Susana Cordova
Kome & Deric Muller
Triumph Business Services LLC

In Kind

Avery Brewing Company
Azucar Bakery
Bear Creek Distillery
Colore Italian Restaurant
Creative Law Network
Denver Folklore Center
Dry Dock Brewing

Eldorado Spring Water
Essentially Geared Wine Co
Illegal Pete’s
Insomnia Cookies
Jimano’s Pizzeria
Kaladi Coffee Roasters
Molson Coors
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Occasions Catering
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Republic National Distributing Company
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The Post
Trompeau Bakery

91.5 KUNC
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KGNU 88.5
Marquee Magazine
Washington Park Profile


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Charles & Kate Vasilius


Anita C. & Kevin M. Smith
Marjorie Baumert
Jan & Gregg Reese
Karl Walter


Jeannette Alberson
Steven Bachar
Jerome Bellian
David Blandford
Eliza Buyers
Bernard Carroll
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Anthony Chevalier
Mark & Linda Colville
Walt DeHaven & Wendy Aiello
Brad Dobski Fund
Ruth Falkenberg
Henry & Josephine Gardiner
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John Hickenlooper
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Sharon Knight
Paul Lhevine
Whichcraft LLC
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Pinkert Foundation
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The Kenneth King Foundation
The Sprout Foundation


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Jean Duane
Russell Dubiel
Barbara Dubin
Sandi DuBois
Bill Duffus
Denise Duffy
Julie DuPree
Dennis Duran
Ed Durso
Jim Easter
Karen Easterday
Daniel Eaton
Kaye Edwards
David Ellsworth
Jim Emme
Susan Eno
Kari Epstein
Laura Eral
Brian Erickson
David Erickson
John Erlandson
Philippe Ernewein
Joseph Esseichick
Kathryn L. Eudeikis
Penelope Evans
Christi Eymer
Jonathan Falk
Paul Fallet
Gordon Farley
David Farrar
Melissa Fear
Debi Fechner
Richard Feist
Deborah Fell
Rick Femmer
Jackie Ferguson
Barbara Feuerstein
Jennifer Fields
Austin Finke
Hank Fisher
Andrew Fiske
Cecelia Fitzhugh
Ronald Fitzke
Catherine Fjelstul
Brennalynn Flaherty
Karen Folgate
Katherine Foote
Myra Barrett
Joe Fowler
Deborah French
David Frieder
Darcie Frohardt
Dan Frost
Alfred Fryer
Bill Fuller
Linda Fulton
Martin Gair
Keith Gallaway
Jeff Galligan
BJ Garcia
Henry Gardiner
Arthur Garfein
Annette Garrison
Lucy Garrity
Kenneth Gestner
Richard Getz
Ed Gibson
Colleen A’Hearn
Michele & Jim Gisness
Marge Gladman
Ed Glassman
Katie Glassman
Richard Glennon
Susan Goldbach
Ruth Darling-Goldberg
Hal Goldberg
Aaron Gollegly
Martin Golstein
Cheri Gonzales
Dianne Gonzer
Kendra Goodin
John Gordon
Randi Grassgreen
Arlo Gravseth
Froda Greenberg
Gary Greenberg
Dr. Jay Greenstein
Greg Greer
James & Cathryn Griffith
Thomas Grimshaw
Erich Grossman
Scott Gruber
Terry Grulke
Margret Guntren
Libby Gurry
Gary Guy
Bart Haase
Stuart Habel
Eva Hagg
Jeni Halingstad
Anna Hamburger
Jonathan Hamel
Randall Hampton
Leslie Hanks
LuAnn Hansen
Ken Hanstein
Carol Harang
Emily Hariton
Melissa Harris
Lane Hart
Carolyn Hartl
Craig Hartley
Lawrence Hass
Alyson Hatten
Tom Haver
Lenore Hawley
Margaret Hayden
Regan Hayden
HJ Hays
Kerry Heidel
Jun Heider
George Heinzelman
Susan Heldman
Lori Hellstrom
Paul Hemenway
Jason Hermele
Donna Herz
Bob & Peggy Hickam
Kathleen Hickey
James Hilgers
Angela Hill
Jodi Hills
Ann Hinkins
Teri Hjelmstad
Sheila Hochberg
Laurence Hoess
Emmett Holden
Genevieve Homyack
Amy Hook
Allison Hoppe
Leigh Hill
Ronald Houlette
John House
Elizabeth Hubbell
Elliot Dominguez-Huff
Steve Huffman
Carole & Ralph Hughes
Aaron Huie
Jodi Hullinger
Charles Hunt
Brian Hunter
Doug Hurcomb
Mark Husbands
Doug Hutchinson
Matt Hynes
Ty Hyten
Adam Ingersoll
Dan Ingram
Rick Iracki
Chip Irving
Mike Israel
Bruce Iverson
Meg Ivey Yon
Paul Iwancio
Lauren Jacobs
Thomas Janko
Thomas Jarrell
Dianne Jarrett
Dawn Jensen
Carol Johnson
Adam Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
Richard & Jeanie Johnson
Robert Johnson
Susan J Johnson
Christopher Jones
Doug Jones
Kendor Jones
Erika Joseph
Judith Joseph
Rebecca Kahn
Zach Kaplan
Michael Kappy
Mary Sue Karlin
Stephen Karnish

Janet Katel-Johnston
David Kaye
Julie Keating
Cindy Keefover
Julia Keilman
Carol Keller
Daniel Kelley
Janelle Kelley
Amy Kelly
Kevin Kelly
Virginia Kelly
Barb Kemp
Rocky Kemp
Anna Kennamer
Jerry Kennedy
Scot Kersgaard
Heidi Kinsella
Rick Kirby
Christina Kline
Aiden Klinowski
Mindy Klowden
Richard Klug
Michelle Knowles
Robert Knowlton
Cindy Knox
Bonnie Knuti
David Kolacny
Eric Kortz
Steven Kram
Mary Jane Kreiman
shelly krug
Sibyl Kuelling
Sandy Ladin
Chuck Lakel
Ken Larner
Tamara Larsen
Kyle Larson
Lauretta Larson
Zoe Larson
Christopher Laughrey
David Law
Linda Bandt-Law
Kate Laxar
Peter Laz
Doug Leber
Darrin LeBlanc
Paul Lechner
Larry Lederer
Marty Lees
Hilary Lenz
Kathy Lersch
Linda Kottmann
Mark Levine
Catherine Levisay
Steve Levy
David Lewerenz
Norm Lewis
Stanley Li
Jessica Linart
Marissa Lindgren
Bruce & Debbie Linster
Kenn & Nancy Lively
Jim Lockwood
Travis Lopez
Jack Lord
Brian Love
Mark Lovelace
Chris Loving
Clarence Low
Gary & Elise Lubell
James Lucas
Frances Lukaszewski
David Lukens
Nadine Lund
Joe Lundy
Tracy Lyman
Sharon MacDonnell
Bill Macmillan
Andrew MacPhail
Gail & Tom Madden
Dan Madigan
Valerie Madison
David Magid
Meghan Mallon
Cheri Mallory
David Manchester
Donna Mandel
Gail Mansbacher
Valerie Marbury
Genevieve Marcelino
Bernard Martin
Lisa Martin
John Martyniak
Joan Mast-loughridge
Sean Conway
Joan Maute
Aric Mayer
Peter Mazula
Jerry Mccarty
Derik Mcccracken
Sarah Cucinella-McDaniel
Mary McGhee
Eileen McGinnity
Kate McGuire
Michael John McKee
Nick Mckeever
Judy McKinsey
Margaret McLaughlin
Robert McMahan
Lisa McMullen
Patty Mcmurray
Michael McNair
Beverly Mead
Jason Melancon
Carolyn Melphy
Roger Menell
Zachary Mentink
Louise Mercer
Ted Merriam
Mary Crawford
margaret meyer
Patricia Meyer
Karen Middleton
Sharon Miles
Lee Miller
Jean Miller
Robin Miller
Sherrie Miller
Troy Miller
David Conger
Mitchell Goudy
Linda Mitchell
Larry Modesitt
Char Modlich
bill monahan
Lynne Montague-Clouse
Blake Kenney
David Moore
Ginny Moore
Melissa Moore
Steve Moore
Shujin Liu Moore
Felice Morel
Joseph Morris
Joanne Morrow
RJ Moser
Norman Mueller
Kacie Mulhern
Mark Mullis
Frederick Munro
Marty Murphy
Kim Nance
Alex Navetta
Bruce Nelson
Eric Nelson
Kevin Daly
James Neubaum
Mamele Newkirk
Shannon Nielsen
Schelli Nimz
Scott Noble
Patrick Nocerino
Carl Norbeck
Peggy Norris
Jason Northway
Angie Nuttall
Marty O’Bryan
Sharon OConnor
John O’Dea
Ralph Ogden
Kirk Oglesby
Eileen O’Hare
Jeanne Olkowski
Ray Ollett
Roy Olson
Caryn Opperman
Charles & Michelle Oseroff
Jim Osterhoff
Duane Oudenhoven
Joe Ozaki
Jim Garcia
Brian Palmer
Jim Panzer
Pam Parker
Ronald Parker
Jill Patterson
William Patterson
Richard Pawela
Elizabeth Pedley
Jennifer Pelz
Grant Peoples
Bob Perchonok
Heather Perez
Shannon Perret
Dustin Perricone
Michael Perry
Aimee Peterson
Christa Peterson
Eric Peterson
John Peterson
Vivian Peterson
Lorena Pfautz
Eileen Pfefferle
Katie Pfeufer
Doug Pflugh
Lynda Phiel
Jay Philp
Russell Pierce
Eric Pierson
Daliah Balows
Tony & Victoria Piscotti
Angie Pizzichini
Tammy Pliego
Jacob Childs
Elias McGregor
William Poska
Hannah Hostak
Heather Pressman
Roy Preyer
Arthur Pritchard
Karen Radman
Audrey & Hal Rager
Christy Ramee
Moren Ramirez
Bart Randles
Rich Rardin
Megan Rasco
Jay Rathbun
Kevin Rathbun
Jim Ratts
Michael Reddy
John & Debbie Reed
Justine Reed
Gene R Reetz
Ben Reid
Peggy Chiu
Becky Reimers
Susan Reissner
Susan Rember
Kathy Reoh
John Reusch
Carrie Reynolds
Kim Reynolds
David Rhoades
Jan Rice
Robert Roark
Cecil Roberts
Tim Moreland
Melanie Rodden
David Rodenberg
Randy Rogers
Chelsea Berendt
David Roney
Katie Rosen
John Rosenbloom
Arthur Rosenblum
David Ross
Jeffrey Rowe
Brenda Birchler
Bob Russell
Janis Bohan
Patrick Sablich
Elaine Sample
Barbara Sanborn
Clayton Sandt
Jae Saul
Mark Savit
Richard Sawdey
Tom Scanlan
Carl Schachter
Bill Schaefer
Andrew Schaper
Elaine Scheffler
Kati Schenk
Donna Schmidt
John Schmidt
Jordan Lamoureaux
Jay Schneiders
H Carlos Schoellhorn
Sue Schrader
Sharon Jordan
Judith Schulman
Lyn Schultz
Bettina Harmon
Rita Schweitz
Gabe Schwinghammer
Paula Scirati
Robert Scofield
David & Deanna Scott
Gary & Kathleen Scott
Julie Seltz
Kym Shaffner
Jeanie Shaper
R. Nemirow
Sarah Sheehan
Dick Shelefontiuk
Linda Shellman
Susan Shetterly
John & Elisabeth Shippey
Ann Shockley
Gerald Falchook
Frances Singer
Kevin Skelly
Lauren Skinner
John Sleeman
Bonnie Slothower
Jim Slotnick
Allison Smith
Ben Smith
Charlie Smith
cynthia smith
David Smith
Rick Smith
Scott Smith
Michelle Spadavecchia
Robin Speer
Eric Spery
Suzanne Staples
Kevin Rollins
Michael Staszak
Carl Coffman
Robert Steinborn
Eric Stene
Brian Rose
Joe Stewart
Iver Steyaert
Dianne Holden
Kathleen Stolle
Dan Daly
Amy Stone
Debbie Stovall
Thomas Strauss
Mark Strum
David Struthers
Rebecca Stuart
Youtz Susan
Tammy Sutton
Elise Tayloe
David Temple
Dale Thiel
George Thomas
Jim Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Hubert Thomason
Bruce Thompson
Michael Thompson
Leah Franks
Carol Tobiassen
Tom Tobiassen
Kathleen Tonra
Kari Torgerson
Isabel Tovar
Rachelle Trujillo
Myra Tuckerman
Danna Tullis
Jack Turner
Andrew Blackmun
Pameela Burrell
Edie Tyler
Barbara Uliss
Stephanie Pena
Diego Valenzuela
Ruth Van De Witt
Joseph Lowe
Rick Vancil
Finn Pfeifer
Dana Vaughn-Kivenge
Maria Velez
Mike Verlander
Rita Berberian
Carol Waibel
Alfred Wallace
Philip Walravens
John Walton
Tom Ward
Dave Warrick
Becky Watson
Jerry Weakley
Jane Ellen Webber
Hal Weeks
Cerrise Weiblen
David Weihnacht
Tim Weil
Jeff Weiss
Ron Weiss
Lisa Werber
Barbara Rice
Tim White
Alexandria Wiersma
Nora Romero
Douglas Wigton
Kathy Wildfong
Anne Wilkins
Christopher Williams
Mark Williams
Charles Williamson
Peg O’Keefe
Dennis Wilson
Dillon Wilson
Leslie Wilson
Stephen Wilson
Van Wilson
Becca Winslow
Cheryl Winston
Daisy Wischmeyer
Scott Wise
Kermit Witherbee
Roger Wolvington
Aiden Wong
Lesli Wood
Richard Woodruff
Laura Woods
Lisa Woods
Jim Woodson
Betsy Worstell
Abby Wright
Grace Wright
Paula Daukas
Fred Wulff
Dennis Wyatt
Julia Yager
Mark Yeo
Gregory Young
David Youngstrom
Mark Zammuto
Dan Allen
Edith Zemanick
Geoffrey VanderArk
Dena Zocher
Jaclyn Zubrzycki
Ben Zwerling
Alice Applebaum
Marianne Bianco
Annabel Campbell
Robert Emerman
Michael Finn
Doug Gertner
Michael Gless
David Mitzner
Andrea Schumacher
Jeffrey Bird
James Fausnaugh
A King
Heidi MacAlpine
Henry Nargi
Mary Jo Warren
Gina Wenzel-Garza


Paul Aaker
Sky Abele-Younger
Shari Abramowitz
Larry Absher
Christina Adamoli
Finn Agenbroad
Dave Aker
Lyn Albertson
Joel Albin
William Albrecht
Ronald Alcorn
Larry Alexander
Michael Alexander
Maureen Allen
Roberta Allen
Lauren Allwein
Michele Altieri
Matt Altmin
Stephen Altmin
Stephanie Alvarez
Kathy Amundson
Erving Anderson
Kathie Anderson
Lesleigh Anderson
Sherry Anderson
Lisa Andersson
Karl Andreasen
Robert Andrews
Sylvia Angell
Donald Angst
Jean Anhalt
David Applebaum
Shaun Armour
Gillian Armstrong
Shannon Armstrong
Tom Arrison
Lynda Ashley
Nick Ault
Yasman Azimi
Leslie Baca
Steven Bachar
Todd Bacon
Richard Baer
Camella Bailey
Michelle Bailey
Treasure Bailley
Mary Baker
Sue Baker
Micki Balder
Cindy Baldwin

Evan Banker
Shirley Barbre
Terry Barnes
Chris Barron
Leslie Bartlett
Bruce Bartram
John Bauer-Martinez
Shawn Bayer
Leslie Bayliff
Tricia Beaver
Randy Beem
Lauren Bell
Mark Belles
Jeff Benson
John Benson
Matt Benson
Susan Benson
Wb Berger
Peter Berglund
Michelene Berkey
Albert Bernier
Paul Berteau
Vijaya Bhaskar Bhavanam
Bonnie Biafore
Rev. Greg Bierbaum
Greg Biesecker
Diana Black
Katie Blaede
Roy Blakney
Tony Blando
Charles Blosten
Beth Blount
Ellen Blum
Kirsten Bock
Mike Boggess
Edward Bohn
Kathleen Boland
Jessica Bondy
Sue Boorn
Leo Bortolotto
William Bostwick
Daniel Bosworth
Debra Bowers
Christi Bowman
Jim Boxell
Ellen Bracchi
David Brady
Donna Braun
J.J. Breazeale
Thomas Brennan
Jamie Brenner
Tyler Breuer
Robert Brigham
Debra Britt
Don Brizendine
Barbara Brooks
Sally E Brown
Val Brown
Jim Broyles
Daniel Bruning
Susanne Bryan
Roderick Buckner
Beckett Vandertuin
Martha Burroughs
Marilyn Burrows
Mari Bush
Merrie Margaret Butcher
Andrew Butler
Debbie Butler
Barbara Buttenfield
Anne Button
Anne Byrne
Deborah Cain
Barbara Calhoon
Ivan Calhoun
Bill Callison
Gregory Campbell
Russell Campbell
Kiki Cannon
Greg Capolino
Lorraine Caposole
Tom Carcia
Jasmine Carey
Sue Carley
Jay Carlson
Linda Carlson
Stephen Carmel
Philip Carson
Deb Carstensen
Simone Caruthers
Michele Castro
Amy Cervene
Bill Chambers
Keith Champ
Nikisha Charles
Darlene Chavez
Blind Lemming Chiffon
Kathleen Chivas
Ken Chrisco
Jason Christensen
Elisabeth Churchill Fantz
Richard Glen Clark
Don Clary
Jeanne Cleary
Ken Cleveland
Matthew Cleveland
Jim Cloud
Karen Clowes
Kenneth Cobb
Kathy Cocetti
David Coder
Jeff Coghill
Bennett Cohen
Emma Cohen
Maury Cohen
Ralph Cohn
Rick Cole
Charles Coleman
Sue Coleman
Kyri Comyn
Nancy Connick
Tom Connole
Shannon Connolly
James Cook
Jennifer Corbet
Jim Corbett
Layne Corbin
Thomas Corona
Matthew Cort
Phil Cortese
Veronica Cortinas
Dennis Costello
Charles Covey
Parker Cowgill
Beverly Cox
Shawn Cox
Mary Coyle
Anne Craddock
Michael Craine
Hank Cramer
Daniel Cressy
Pat Creyts
Daniel Cronch
Leidy Cruz
Richard Cuellar
Judy Cullen
Morgan Cullen
CJ Cullinan
Doug Cunningham
Cameron Cunnison
C M Cupp
Meredith Danner
Bobby Lee Dartt
Denise Davenport Chew
Lisa Davenport
Brian David
Cari Davidson
Jenny Davies
D. J. Davis
Linda Davis
Kim Dawson
Sharon DeBolt
Dann Degen
Lennis Dempewolf
Kenny Dennis
jerry Derr
Thomas Desantis
Mary Devine
Ann Dickson
Craig Dierksen
Anne Dierschow
Kathleen Dileo
Mary Dillon
Tom Dillon
Kristine Disney
Meghan DiUbaldo
Laura Dixon
Tim Dixon
Jerry Docherty
Sarah Docken
Janet Dodd
John Dodd
Judith Doebley
Kathy Doherty
Mike Doherty
Michael Dommermuth
Scot Donato
Paddy Douglas
David Downs
Michaela Downs
Ed Doyle
Robert Drickey
Steve Drucker
Derren Duburguet
Joanne Dudley
Matthew Duhaime
Eric Durland
David Eberhard
Dan Eberhart
Mary Eckels
Mary Eddy
Janell Edman
Peter Edwards
Mary Ege
Robert Eggert
Howard Eiden
Virginia Eiseman
Gail Elias
Sherwood Elkind
Leonard Ellis
Randy Ellis
Robert Elrod
Max Elsasser
Max Elsasser
David Engel
Kathi Engelken
Robert Erickson
Noel Espiritu
James Esten
mark everett
Martha Everett
Vista Exline
Susan Falcone
Peter Faris
David Farley
Meredith Farmer
Jonathan Farrell
O’Neill Farrington
Glenn Farrow
Alan Fasick
Karl Fasick
Bill Fatur
Eileen Faughey
Roy Fawcett
James Fegan
Jane Feldman
Rebecca Fief
Paul Fields
Karin Fischer
Thom Fisher
Elise Fitschen
Ellen Fitzgerald
Lana Flemmer
Randy Flipse
Meg Floyd
Ed Flynn
Andrew Ford
Ann Ford
Tad Foster
Susan Fouts
Bill Fowler
Brian Fowler
Michael Frank
Sue Franklin
Debbie Frazier
Rita Frazier
Sarah Frederick
Ed Freeburg
Gretchen Frey
Cathy Friedman
Louis Friedman
Steven Friedrich
Susan Frontczak
Steve Fuhrman
Dana Fullington
Jamie Furr
Dixon Galbreath
Susie Gallagher
Emily Gallivan
Susan Gallo
Michele Gangaware
Julie Geller
Matthew George
Lura Gerhart
Al Gilbert
Christopher Gilbert
Terrence Gillespie
Gwen Gilley
Lynde Gilliam
Richard Gilstrap
John Girardeau
Mike Glade
A L Glasier
David Glater
Chad Goare
Stefan Goedert
Elizabeth Goehring
Wilbur Goltermann
Roseann Gonzales
Nik Goodell
Adam Goodman
Shue Gottschalk
Tiffany Grady
Val Graham
Laura Grant
Janice Green
Marian Greenway
Stewart Greisman
Gloria Grenier
Kyle Greufe
Joan Griffin
Kimberly Griffin
David Grimm
Tom Gross
Bill Grush
Judith Gubner-Terry
David Gunders
Royce Gupton
Deborah Haas
Andrew Hackley
Pablo Hadzeriga
Susan Hagen
Louise Haggerty
Helen Haggstrom
Valerie Hale
Brian Hall
John Halliday
James Halpenny
Lloyd Halvorsen
Ken Hamel
Robert Hammervold
Anna Hancock
Mary Hand
Joel Haney
Scott Hanold
Edward Hanson
Michael Hanson
Rodger Hara
Carol Harada
Ann Hardie
Darren Hardy
Tom Hardy
Clint Harm
Robert Harney
Russell Harrell
Bill Harris
Rachel Lund Harris
Dan Harrison
Jane Hascall
Jeff Haugen
Kathleen Haupt
Richard Hawes
Tom Hayes
david haynes
Polly Hays
Ed Hayte
Debra Hayward
Steve Hearn
Jim Hecker
Dave Hegeman
Peter Heineman
Mark Henningsen
Sandra Henson
Rebecca Hernandez
Bill Herrick
David C Herrick
Ann Herron
David V. Hill
Ron Hilton
Stephen Hinerman
Suzanne Hinton
Mark Hintz
Katherine Ho
Jesse Hobart
Steve Hochberg
Andrea Hochheiser
Larry Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
mary hoffmann
Peter Hoida
Roberta Holbrook
Sequoia Holzmann
Sequoia Holzmann
Sherry Hon
Stephanie Hoon
Barbara Hosler
Steve Howard
Terrie Howarth
Jennifer Howell
Robert Howell
Christopher Hoying
Chris Hrach
Al Hrenko
Blake Huber
Robert Huehmer
Kay Huemoeller
Norman Hughes
Carrie Hugus
Matthew Hulbert
Janet Huling
Mark Hutson
Rachel Hutson
Evelyn Hutt
Nancy Hyde
Scott Idlet
Stephen Ingraham
Nancy Ireland
Mario Ivanoff
Ross Jacobsmeyer
Judith Jaehning
Cynthia Jaffe
Mike Jagel
Marcia Jahn
Cathy Jaynes
Pat Jennings
Bonnie Jimmerson
Jacqueline Johnsen
Bruce Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Bruce Joleaud
Judith Jones
Mary Jones
Michael Jones
Robert Jones
Marilyn Jordan
Barbara Kadin
Elaine Kallos
Barbara Jo Kammer
Anya Kanaster
Michael Kane
Mark Karlok
Daniella Katzir
Jordana Kaufman
Anthony Kay
Jack Keane
Steve Kehoe
Panayoti Kelaidis
Maureen Keller
Robert Keller
John Kelly
Catherine Kendall
Doug Kennard
Brian Kenny
David Kerber
David King
greg kinney
Steve Kinsky
John Kinsler
Kelly Kirchmar-Heger
Kevin Kirk
Rosalyn Kirkel
Rick Kirwin
Mike Kiska
Elizabeth Kistler
Tracy Kiteya-Vasquez
Sue Knight
Laurel Knox
Bob Koch
Robert Koch
Douglas Kolz
Paula Konigsberg
Ken Koprowicz
Jeff Kotowski
Kerry Krauss
Audrey Krebs
Skye Kreisler
Belinda Kromminga
John Kugler
Bob Kumagai
Kathy M. Kurtz
Margaret Lackey
Randall Lamp
Alixe Landry
Matthew Lang
Ken Langford
David Langmead
Justin Lansing
Dennis Larson
Robert Larson
Kelsy Lartius
Anna Lauer Roy
Marian Lauterbach
Mary Lawrence
Mary Lawritson
Lori Lazuk
Merrill Leavitt
Ryan Lee
Roy Leinfuss
Patricia Leonard
Bruce Leslie
Andy Levy
James Levy
Margaret Levy
Philip Levy
Allan Lewandowski
Jamie Lewis
Kelly Lilly
Paul Lindberg
Doug Lindsay
Marc Lippitt
Tom Littleton
Monica Lobser
Sheri Lockhart
Tracy Logan
Rachel Long
Bob Lord
Mike Lowe
David Lowenstein
James Lugg
Jacqueline Lynch
Coral Lynne
Jose Maass Pena
Kyle MacDonald
David Mack
Laura MacKenzie
Lois MacPhee
John Madden
Sean Madden
Frederick Mader
Rodney Mahaffey
Paul Mahoney
Lisa Mallin
Christopher Malone
Sandra Mandel
Julie Mangum
Tony Manzi
Tim Marchese
Douglas Marek
Ivadell Marie
Dwight Mark
Jack Martin
Leonard Martinez
Roy Martinez
Sandy Marvin
Charles Masner
Kyle Masuga
kirsten mathisen
Jim Matthews
John Matthews
Mike Matzelle
Tom Mauser
Anna Maylett
Tim McAleer
Andrew McCallen
Paul McCarty
Kathryn McClain
Rich McClintock
Quin McComas
Mary Mccrimmon
Jennifer Mccurdy
Emilie McDonough
Megan McGill
John McGlinchey
Jim McGowan
Robert McGriff
Ed Mcilvain
Heather McKee
Jason McKenna
Stephen Mckenzie
Pam McLawhon
Andy Mcmillen
John & Susan McMillin
Kevin McMullen
Tucker Means
Molly Medakovich
David Meer
Katie Mae Meloan
Tom Melton
Susan Melvin
Ray Meng
Frank Mercurio
Michael Merrill
Kim Mesa
Rafi Metz
Richard Meyer
Eric Michieli
Donald Middleton
Jim Midyett
Bill Miksa
Rachel Miller
Sharon Miller
Tony Miller
Weldon Milligan
Ginger Mills
Michael Minisini
kathreen minor
Josh Mishell
Robert Mitchell
Tara Moll
Susan Montague
Doug Montgomery
Jack Morris
Ken Morris
Dan Morrissey
Farrell Moseley
Pete Moylan
Dick Mruz
Dorothy Mueller-Christine
Brian Mullan
Kome Muller
Hugh Munoz
David Munro
Fred Munson
Bob Murdock
Linda Murdock
Tim Murphy
Rick Narvais
George Neale
Lise Nelson
Margaret Nelson
Louise Ness
Dave Nesslage
Warren Neufeld
Melissa Neumiller
Jody Newman
Ken Nichols
Daryl Nickel
Bob Nixon
Matt Noll
Chris O’brien
Michael OConnor
Shannon OConnor
Constance Oehring
Donald O’hara
Judy O’Hearn
Patrick O’Leary
Brian Olmstead
Mary Onstot
Nancy Orcutt
Gregory M. Ortega
Nicole Ortiz
Cherie Orwig
David Osterman
Roger Overbey
Lisa Padilla
Eduardo R. Pajon
Betsy Palin
Fred Palombi
Camille Pane
Stephanie Panion
Art Pansing
Michael Papi
Cindy Parmenter
Michelle Parsons
Margo Patinos
George Patkos
Dan Patterson
Jerry Patterson
Kat Payge
Margaret Pearce
Sally Pearce
James Pearson
Steven Pearson
Jared Pehrson
Beth Perron
Lelah Peters
Richard Peterson
Eric Petty
John Pflaum
Claudette Phelps
Florence Phillips
John Phillips
Scott Phillips
Tammy Pietrasiewicz
Fred Pittroff
Rona Pitts-Hageman
Stanley Plant
Kari Pokorny
George Poland
Joel Pollack
Dave Porter
Douglas Porter
Peter L. Poses
Steve Prew
Andrea Preyer
Cheryl Price
David Price
Ruth Price
Kyle Pritchard
Ken Proctor
Craig Puck
Ellen Purtell
Josie Quick
Julie Quinlan
Timothy Quinn
Douglas Radtke
George Raffensperger
Thomas Raffey
Eric Ramberg
Alison Rauh
Joanne Rauschkolb
Frederick Ravid
Troy Rawson
William “Bill” Ray
Jan Raynak
Sandy Reay
Michael Reda
Doug Redosh
Michael Regan
Mark Regis
Michelle Reilly
Katie Reinisch
Gayle Renick
Eve Reshetnik
Marianne Reynolds
Richard Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds
Steven Rhoden
Anna Norine Rhudy
Jennifer Riccio
Terry Rice
Rich Riedel
Jane Ringer
Doug Rippey
Mike Ritchie
Mike Roarty
Kate Robbins
Charlotte Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Jeanette Rockers
Stephen Rockwell
Illene Roggensack
Joanne Roll
Randall Ronne
Jeff Rose
Alan Rosen
Aaron Rosenbaum
Jonny Rotheram
Robin Rothman
Amy Rowland
Mira Rubenstein
Floyd Russak
Donald Russell
Marissa Russo
Ann Rutkofsky
Chris Ryan
Peter Ryan
John Rymers
Daniel Salamander
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